Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Upcoming Cars BMW M6 With Specification And Prices

2011 Upcoming Cars BMW M6 With Specification And Prices With Reviews and Images

Transmission: Manual
Configuration: V10
Configuration Size: 4995 cc
Power (hp): 500 hp
Power (kW): 373 kW
Torque (ft/lb): 384 ft·lbf
Torque (NM): 521 nm
Maximum Speed: 340 km/h (211.27 mph)
0-60 acceleration 4.5 sec
Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Extra Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Combined fuel consumption: N/A
Miles Per Litre: Variable Miles
Fuel Cost Per Mile N.A
Cost Of Full Tank: N.A
Service Schedule: 20,000 miles

The BMW M6 (Type M560), can be equipped with a coilover suspension V3 also featuring the groundbreaking stainless steel technology „inox-line”. Here, the possible lowering is between 15-45 mm at front and rear axle. The coilover suspension for the strongest BMW 6 series model is available with immediate effect. Specialty of this suspension set is a module, which deactivates the system for the factory mounted electronic dampers (EDC).


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